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Bookwaves – November 7, 2019: Terry Tempest Williams

Terry Tempest Williams, whose latest collection is titled “Erosion: Essays of Undoing”, in conversation with Richard Wolinsky.

Terry Tempest Williams is an environmental activist and chronicler of the western landscape. In her several books and essays, she takes us from national parks and monuments to the way our environment affects us, both physically and emotionally.

In this latest collection, she discusses the degradation of our natural resources, an ongoing process that encompasses the past few administrations and rushes headlong in the ongoing one; she talks about her Mormon roots and how they still affect her at the deepest levels, and how her activism led to her removal from her post at the University of Utah, along with the heartbreaking story of her brother’s death from suicide.

In this in-depth interview, she talks specifically about how she and her husband bought oil leases in an attempt to prevent drilling, about the climate crisis, and about how she came to be a writer.

For more, hear the extended 46-minute Radio Wolinsky podcast.

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