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Indian strikes, a new feminist magazine

Vijay Prashad, historian, journalist, and director of The Tricontinental, on the general strike and farmer protests in India; Sarah Leonard and Natalie Adler on Lux, a new feminist magazine they are among the editors of


Kronos QuartetWawshishijay ("Our Beginning")Wawshishijay ("Our Beginning")WMG - Nonesuch
Christine Schäfer,Michelle DeYoung,Wiener Singverein,Wiener Philharmoniker,Pierre BoulezMahler: Symphony No.2 In C Minor - "Resurrection" - 5. Im Tempo des Scherzo - Langsam misteriosoBoulez - MahlerUMG - Deutsche Grammophon (DG)
Wiener Philharmoniker,Christine Schäfer,Michelle DeYoung,Pierre Boulez,Wiener Singverein5. Im Tempo des Scherzo - Langsam misteriosoBoulez - MahlerUniversal Music
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