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APEX Express – 4.27.23 – QT Viet and Viet Unity Reflect on Vietnamese Roots and Routes

A weekly magazine-style radio show featuring the voices and stories of Asians and Pacific Islanders from all corners of our community. The show is produced by a collective of media makers, deejays, and activists.

QT Viet Cafe Collective and Viet Unity Reflect on their Vietnamese Roots and Routes:

Thao Le from Viet Unity, HẢI VÕ and TRANG SÁNG TẠO  from QT Viet Cafe Collective join Paige Chung in a conversation sharing their families journeys from Vietnam to the U.S. after the Vietnam War and share different responsibilities each person feels towards organizing their collective Vietnamese community. VietUnity and QT Viet Cafe are a proud parts of Asian Refugees United (ARU) and ARU are two of the eleven AACRE organizations.

VietUnity Bay Area

  • Viet Unity promotes a progressive voice within the Vietnamese Community. Through alliance building, community education, organizing, and collective action, Viet Unity Bay Area works towards positive social change that acknowledges and combats all forms and systems of oppression. VietUnity Bay Area connects it work to broader multi-racial and multi-class movements for social justice and systemic change.

QT Viet Cafe Collective: Circle of Artists and Healers

  • The Circle’s purpose is to gather interested and committed QTViệt artists and healers to make space to deeply nurture and support our individual and each other’s art forms and practice and share our creative expressions with the greater community.  We welcome and encourage Circle members to consider their art form(s) as it relates to being Queer/Trans and Vietnamese in the dispora and/or homeland.  We hope to emulate the beauty of circles – we find them in shapes like the sun, the moon, planets in the cosmos, tree trunks, cell structures, nhãn (longan and many other fruits), and in cycles like the lunar calendar and the concept of plants sprouting, repopulating, and composting.
  • https://www.qtvietcafe.com/circle
  • https://www.facebook.com/QTVietCafe/
  • https://www.instagram.com/qtvietcafe/
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNlW904fkq899D-bnAuLQIQ
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QT Viet Roots and Routes Transcript


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