APEX Express

APEX Express – 8.31.23 | AACRE Thursday with Michelle Mijung Kim

A weekly magazine-style radio show featuring the voices and stories of Asians and Pacific Islanders from all corners of our community. The show is produced by a collective of media makers, deejays, and activists.


This week’s episode is an AACRE night, where we’ll be joined by Michelle MiJung Kim, the award-winning author of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change. In this thought-provoking book, Michelle guides us through the transformative journey of awakening to our potential for personal and societal change. AACRE is proud to have Michelle on our board!


Delve into Michelle’s profound insights as she and host Cheryl explore the intricacies of her writing process, her holistic approach to tackling social justice and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) matters through an intersectional lens, and the vital significance of being trauma-informed in this crucial work. They tackle the holistic narrative structure The Wake Up takes on, discussing the pivotal importance of understanding the roots and histories of social movements and reflecting on the past to pave the way for a more just and equitable future. Know history, know self!


Tune into the conversation as Michelle shares her wisdom on moving beyond performative allyship, embracing complexity, and nurturing healing. The Wake Up serves as a rallying call, reminding us that the journey towards social justice is dynamic, messy, and imperfect.


Grab a copy of The Wake Up: Closing the Gap Between Good Intentions and Real Change from Eastwind Books of Berkeley


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