A Rude Awakening

A Rude Awakening with Noah Greenwald + Project Drawdown Climate Solutions 101

On today’s show: Fighting for the fisher, in conversation with Noah Greenwald, Endangered Species Director at Center for Biological Diversity, on the recent lawsuit filed to put the fisher on the endangered species list. www.biologicaldiversity.org

Tell the Biden Administration to Save These Species


Press Release biologicaldiversity.org/w/news/press-releases/lawsuit-aims-to-protect-west-coast-fisher-2022-09-13

Project Drawdown : Climate Solutions 101 


How can we stop harmful emissions in their tracks? Discover fascinating, up-to-date methods for halting emissions before they reach the atmosphere. This unit walks through the five largest sources of greenhouse gases—electricity, food, industry, transportation, and buildings—bringing the path to a safer, low-carbon economy into sharper relief. Learn which sources make up the biggest slices of the global emissions pie.

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