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A Box of Toys #49: Exploring Crammed Discs Records II

this episode is no longer available


Today on A Box of Toys, we continue our exploration into Crammed Discs records that we began to explore in last week’s episode. Known for bringing a large catalogue of weird and strange artists into the world and showcasing experimental sounds and genres, Crammed Discs continues to offer the listener a wide range of artists and soundscapes for exploration. Last week’s episode ended around 1995 and today’s show continues forward, enjoy!

Check out Crammed Discs official website here.

photo: Clay Banks via Unsplash


Harold Budd & Hector ZazouAs Fast I Could Look Away She Was Still ThereGlyphMade To Measure
Bio MuseSine GodSex and the Single Rabbit Vol.2Crammed Discs
Barbara Gogan with Hector ZazouDangerousMade On EarthCrammed Discs
Meira AsherDissect Me (feat. Yuval Gabai & Toni Maimone)DissectedMeira Asher
Spacer,JurymanSubmersibleMail-Order JusticeSSR
ReeseBasslineKMS 25th Anniversary Classics - 2.5 Decades of TechnoKMS Records
Reese,Kevin SaundersonJust Want Another ChanceJust Want Another ChanceMERLIN - KMS Records
SOFT BALLETJAIL OF FREEDOM - JAILTILSLI -FORMs ï½ï¿½remix for ordinary peopleï½ï¿½
Sandy Dillon & Hector ZazouHer Eyes Are A Blue Million MilesLas Vegas Is CursedCrammed Discs
Sussan DeyhimGereyleyMadman Of GodCrammed
Bebel GilbertoMais FelizMais FelizWMG - East West Records UK Ltd
Trio MocotoOs OrixasSamba RockZiriguiboom (Crammed)
Buscemi vs Koçani OrkestarAlone At My WeddingElectric Gypsyland 2Crammed Discs
BjörkAll Is Full Of Love (Plaid Mix)All Is Full of LoveWarner Music
Konono N°1Lufuala NdongaCongotronicsCrammed Discs
Mahala Rai BandaMahalageascaMahala Rai BandaCrammed Discs
Wise In TimeNineThe Ballad Of Den The MenCrammed
Flat Earth SocietyEdward, Why Don't You Play Some BluesPsycho ScoutCrammed
SaultOver7Forever Living Originals
HarleighbluWho's That Girl?Tru Thoughts Covers, Vol. 2BELIEVE - Tru Thoughts
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