A Box of Toys

A Box of Toys – April 6, 2021

this episode is no longer available


A Box of Toys is a radio program dedicated to the mystery of obscure music. The sheer volume of new and original artists is utterly overwhelming and A Box of Toys endeavors to pluck these voices out of their dusty basements and onto the airwaves for your listening pleasure. It is the culmination of a quarter-century curation effort that brings attention to lost, forgotten, eclectic and unknown music the world needs to hear. Come dig around and revel in what we’ve found.


BlessedStructureStructureBELIEVE - Flemish Eye Records
BlessedCentreIiiBELIEVE - Flemish Eye Records
Speaker MusicEx-American BluesSoul-Making TheodicyMERLIN - Planet Mu
Speaker MusicThe Inconvenient TruthSoul-Making TheodicyPlanet Mu Records Ltd.
Speaker MusicHi-Tech Blues & TrapSoul-Making TheodicyPlanet Mu Records Ltd.
Model Home, His Name Is AliveChords DubVersions ReturnedDisciples
Model Home, His Name Is AliveCandy Colored DubVersions ReturnedDisciples
Model Home, His Name Is AliveFire SaleVersions ReturnedDisciples
Moor Mother, billy woodsFuriesBrassBackwoodz Studioz
Moor Mother, billy woodsThe Blues Remembers Everything the Country ForgotBrassBackwoodz Studioz
Moor Mother, billy woodsMaroonsBrassBackwoodz Studioz
Model Home, His Name Is AliveTo Remember DubVersions ReturnedDisciples
Moor Mother, billy woodsScary HoursBrassBackwoodz Studioz
ZerohHEYOKAHEYOKALeaving Records
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