A Box of Toys

A Box of Toys #95 Winter Needle Drop #2

this episode is no longer available


This show features brand new vinyl that was delivered to our doorstep, including Voka Gentle, Aksak Maboul, Aquaserge, Nihiloxica, Bonobo, Mount Kimbie and Roy of the Ravers.  Voka Gentle is a SXSW artist, so look for more info on them in the Pre and Postview shows.


Voka GentleNecrofauna/The Garden of EdenWRITHING!Leafy Outlook
Voka GentleHorse LatitudesWRITHING!BELIEVE - Leafy Outlook
Aksak MaboulC'est CharlesC'est Charles (Edit)Crammed Discs
Aksak MaboulSilent SilhouettesSilent SilhouettesCrammed Discs
AquasergeVirage SudDéjà vous?Crammed Discs
AquasergeL'ire est au rendez-vous - LiveDéjà-vous? (Live)Crammed Discs
AquasergeMy Funny Valentine - LiveDéjà-vous? (Live)Crammed Discs
Aksak MaboulTout a une finFiguresCrammed Discs
Aksak MaboulBlaue BleistiftTout a une fin / Blaue BleistiftCrammed Discs
The Hit CrewWar (Instrumental)Drew's Entertainment
NihiloxicaBlack KaveeraBlack KaveeraCrammed Discs
NihiloxicaMukaagafeeroKaloliCrammed Discs
BonoboCounterpartFragmentsMERLIN - Ninja Tune
BonoboSapienFragmentsMERLIN - Ninja Tune
Bonobo,Kadhja BonetDay by DayFragmentsMERLIN - Ninja Tune
Mount KimbieVerticalMaybesHotflush Recordings
Mount KimbieTapsMaybesHotflush Recordings
Mount KimbieMaybes (Live at Berghain)Crooks & Lovers SamplerHotflush Recordings
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