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Democracy Now! – February 11, 2014

The Day We Fight Back: Activism Sweeps the Internet with Global Action Against Mass Surveillance; The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert on How Humans Are Causing Largest Die-Off Since Dinosaur Age; Bridgegate Scandal Grows As NJ Lawmakers Issue 18 Subpoenas To Christie’s Office, Port Authority.

February 11, 2014

    Anti-Drone Activist Missing in Pakistan
    Kabul Records 1st Polio Case Since 2001
    Suicide Attack Kills 2 NATO Contractors in Afghanistan
    Mass Protests Erupt in Bosnia over Corruption, Unemployment
    Report: NC Regulators Shielded Duke Energy from Coal Ash Lawsuits
    Congressional Hearing Fails to Conclude if Water in West Virginia is Safe After Spill
    Healthcare Rule Delayed for Some Employers
    Contractor Pleads Guilty in Fox News Leak Case
    Video Shows U.S. Abduction of Terror Suspect from Tripoli Street
    OWS Activist Cecily McMillan Faces Up to 7 Years in Prison for Alleged Assault of Cop
    NJ Lawmakers Issue New Subpoenas in Christie Bridge Scandal
    Barclays Bank Cuts Thousands of Jobs, Raises Bonuses
    “Godfather of Multiculturalism” Stuart Hall Dies at 82


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