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Democracy Now! – January 17, 2014

“We Want To Fight For This Cause”: Nuclear Refugees From Fukushima Join Anti-Nuke Protests; Mayor of Town That Hosted Fukushima Nuclear Plant Says He Was Told: “No Accident Could Ever Happen”; Protests Grow in Japan: “We Want to Bring Our Message to the World to Stop Nuclear Power Plants”; Volunteers Crowdsource Radiation Monitoring to Map Potential Risk on Every Street in Japan.

January 17, 2014

    Obama to Call for Curbs on NSA Phone Spying But Leave Bulk Data in Gov’t Hands for Now
    Study: NSA Bulk Phone Data Has “No Discernible Impact” on Stopping Terrorism
    Report: NSA Collects Millions of Text Messages Each Day
    U.N. Official: Central African Republic at Risk of Genocide
    IPCC Report Warns of Dire Risks from Global Inaction on Climate Change
    Kerry Urges Syrian Opposition to Attend Peace Talks
    Afghanistan: Karzai Says U.S. Forces Killed 7 Children
    Sen. Feinstein Blasts Iran Sanctions Bill as “March to War”
    Ohio Prisoner Takes Nearly 25 Minutes to Die in Execution with Untested Drug Combo
    Bipartisan Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Partly Restore Voting Rights Act
    GOP Lawmaker: Anti-Choice Bill Could Promote Job Growth if Women Have More Babies
    Wal-Mart Joins Fair Food Program to Raise Farmworker Wages
    Labor Board: Wal-Mart Illegally Retaliated Against Scores of Workers
    Teens Get Month-Long Sentences for Sexually Assaulting Girl Days Before She Killed Herself

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