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Democracy Now! – January 9, 2014

Will New Jersey’s Traffic Controversy Jam Gov. Christie’s Presidential Hopes for 2016? In New York City’s Transformed Political Era, Progressives Take Major Posts Under Mayor de Blasio; 50 Years After LBJ’s “War on Poverty,” a Call for a New Fight Against 21st Century Inequality; As U.S. Rushes Weapons to Iraq, New Assault on Fallujah Threatens Explosion of Sectarian Conflict.

January 9, 2014

    13 Killed in Baghdad Suicide Bombing; Iraqi Forces Prep Fallujah Assault
    Syrian Rebels Seize Aleppo Base From Rival Faction
    Opposition Forces Attack Syrian Chemical Site
    Central African Republic President Reportedly Set to Resign as Crisis Grows
    White House Launches Probe as Video Emerges of Yemen Drone Attack
    Utah Won’t Recognize Same-Sex Marriages
    21 Killed as Polar Vortex Eases Across U.S.
    Christie Aide Ordered Traffic Closure for Political Retaliation
    Gates: Biden “Wrong on Nearly Every Issue”
    100 Charged in NYC Disability Scam
    6 Killed in Separate U.S. Helicopter Crashes
    Giffords Skydives 3 Years After Near-Death in Tucson Shooting

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