Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – June 20, 2004

We begin at 9 a.m. with a look at the 9-11 Commission hearings from the point of view of the families of 9/11 victims. We’ll also talk with Sheldon Rampton, co-author of Weapons of Mass Deception: the uses of propaganda in Bush’s war on Iraq. We’ll tell you about Michael Moore’s new film, "Fahernheit 911", premiering in the Bay Area this Friday.

Then we’ll check in with Mitch Jesserich, FSRN Washington D.C.
correspondent, on the Pentagon budget and the secret detention centers
Human Rights Watch says the U.S. is operationg all over the globe.
Hour two, at ten, we start with a Father’s Day conversation with comedian
Darryl Henriquez, a real father as well as a spiritual father to a
cult-like group which will gather next Sunday at the Freight and Salvage in

And finally, we’re joined by Dr. Harriet Lerner, to talk about her new
book, Fear and Other Uninvited Guests: tackling the anxiety, fear and
shame that keep us from optimal living and loving.

With guest host Kris Welch.

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