Making Contact

Making Contact – The Race to an Emergency (Part 1)

When you call 911, who answers the phone? How do they decide who to send to the scene, and how fast will they get there? We bring you a 2-part special—The Race to An Emergency, produced by KALW radio in San Francisco. We follow the path of a 911 call, and along the way, encounter decades of mistrust that fuel a lack of confidence in the system. Special thanks to KALW Radio.


Lesley Phillips, Sharena Thomas, Peoples Community Medics co-founders; Nikki Anjenique; Sharena Thomas daughter; Rick Rocha, California Highway Patrol dispatcher; Olivia Moy, Wolleen Jones, Oakland police Department dispatchers; Terry Woodard, Oakland Fire Department Communications dispatcher; Jason Murphy, Paramedics Plus dispatcher; Tracy Chin, Rob Thrower, Oakland Fire Fighters; Brian Murphy, Oakland Police Officer; Regina Harris Gilliard, Johnna Watson Oakland Police Department spokespeople; Benjamin Bowser, Cal State East Bay Sociology Professor.

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