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Music of the World with Kutay Derin Kugay – November 18, 2013

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With guest Ali Akbar Moradi. I have known and and followed Moradi and his music for over 14 years and admired his steadfast dedication to the traditional music of Kurdistan of Iran. He’s an Ahli-Hakk religious minority from Kermanshah of western Iran and has been performing and presenting this ancient Yarsan culture and music to the world audiences. He currently lives in Kurdistan and occasionally visits US and performs with his traditional Tembur music and singing Kurdish Maqams world wide. He had a wonderful concert in Berkeley this past weekend and will be in California giving performances and teaching. He has collaborated with some of the most notable artists from Iran.


Ali Akbar Moradi


Ali Akbar Moradimoonlightmoonlightserveya tanbur
Ali akbar Moradijam e yaran, sshk e abrdu valehmahriz
Ali akbar Moradifallfallservaye tanbur
Ali akbar MoradiKomel KahKurdanehquarter tone
Ali akbar Moradicupider ayaneye asimanNA
Ali akbar MoradiRitual music of KurdistanRitual music of Kurdistanmahoor
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