Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 14, 2013

TPP Exposed: WikiLeaks Publishes Secret Trade Text to Rewrite Copyright Laws, Limit Internet Freedom; Senate Faces Historic Vote on Handling Military Sexually Assault Epidemic Outside Chain of Command; A Nun Takes on the Drug War: Consuelo Morales on Crusading Against Mexican Cartels, Corrupt Police.

November 14, 2013

    Boehner Rules Out Talks on Immigration Reform
    Obama Admin: 106,000 Enrollments in Health Exchanges’ 1st Month
    Dems Threaten to Join GOP on Health Law Rebuke
    Confirmed Typhoon Haiyan Death Count Tops 2,300
    Obama Admin Asks Congress to Delay Iran Sanctions Vote
    Palestinian Negotiators Resign over Israeli Settlement Building
    3 Students Shot Near Pittsburgh High School
    Washington State Machinists Reject Pension, Benefit Cuts; Boeing Offered Largest Ever State Subsidy
    Striking Nestlé Worker Shot Dead in Colombia
    Study: Over 3,200 Jailed for Life on Non-Violent Convictions

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