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Democracy Now! – November 13, 2013

“Criminalizing Black Corpses”: No Charges Filed After White Man Kills Detroit Teen Renisha McBride; Exclusive: Dave Pierre on Surviving 1,144 Days Locked Up Inside the Failed U.S. Immigration System; As New Protest Law Looms, Egypt Faces Harsher Authoritarian Order Than the Revolution Overthrew.

November 13, 2013

    Philippines President Lowers Death Toll as Haiyan Survivors Seek Aid
    Philippine Foreign Secretary: Typhoon a “Manifestation of Climate Change”
    Philippine Climate Negotiator Continues Hunger Strike at U.N. Summit
    Obama Admin Seeks Congressional Pause on Iran Sanctions
    Israel Freezes E1 Settlement Construction, OKs 20,000 New West Bank Homes
    Afghan Gov’t Abandons Wardak Probe over Reported U.S. Stonewalling
    Bangladeshi Workers Strike Grows, 250 Factories Closed
    Hawaii Senate Votes to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage
    GOP Blocks Another Obama Judicial Nominee
    Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Challenge to Ruling Against Anti-Abortion Oklahoma Ultrasound Law
    Obama Taps New Head for Commodity Futures Trading Commission
    Justice Dept. Approves American Airlines-U.S. Airways Merger

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