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Democracy Now! – October 7, 2013

Computer Glitches Plague Obamacare Launch as New York Accidentally Says Site Won’t Be Up Until 3013; Is Obamacare Enough? Without Single-Payer, Patchwork U.S. Healthcare Leaves Millions Uninsured; Lavabit: How One Company Refused to Give FBI “Unrestricted” Access to Emails of 400,000 Customers.

October 7, 2013

    U.S. Forces Stage Military Raids in Libya, Somalia
    Al-Qaeda Suspect Held on Navy Ship; Libya Accuses U.S. of “Kidnapping”
    Over 50 Killed in Egypt Clashes
    Canadians Barred From Leaving Egypt After Prison Release
    Sectarian Violence Kills Dozens in Iraq
    Kerry: Destruction of Syrian Chemical Arsenal “A Good Beginning”
    Boehner Maintains Rejection of “Clean” Government Funding Bill
    House Approves Retroactive Pay for Furloughed Workers
    GOP to Seek “Entitlement” Cuts as Debt Ceiling Deadline Looms
    Report: Shutdown Part of Anti-Obamacare Planning Since 2012 Election
    Vigils Call for Release of Greenpeace Activists in Russia
    Rallies Held Nationwide for Immigration Reform
    Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap Dead at 102
    Herman Wallace of Angola 3 Dies After Release From Prison

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