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Could U.S. Military Action Turn Syrian Civil War into a “Widespread Regional War”? In Secret AT&T Deal, U.S. Drug Agents Given Access to 26 Years of Americans’ Phone Records; David Frost, 74, Remembered by Director Ron Howard For Historic Interview with Richard Nixon.

September 3, 2013

    Obama Pushes for Congressional Approval to Attack Syria; Syrian Refugees Top 2 Million
    Israel Says Mediterranean Missile Launch That Sparked Syria Fears was Joint Test with U.S.
    Brazil Blasts Reported NSA Spying on President’s Communications
    Report: NSA Hacked Communications of Al Jazeera
    Budget Documents Show Widespread Use of Cyber-Attacks by U.S.
    Japan Pledges Funds for Fukushima Crisis
    Egyptian Judges Call for Dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood; Morsi to Stand Trial
    Egypt Court Orders Closure of Al Jazeera Affiliate, 3 Other Stations
    Taliban Attacks U.S. Base in Afghanistan; Number of Police Deaths Doubles
    U.S. Drone Strikes Hit Yemen, Pakistan
    Teen Sentenced to 3 Years in Gang-Rape Case That Ignited India
    Mandela Released from Hospital, Condition “Remains Critical”
    Verizon Reaches Deal to Obtain Sole Control of World’s Largest Wireless Provider


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