The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – May 20, 2004

Unfettered by international outrage, Israeli troops widen their invasion of the Rafah refugee camp in the Gaza strip, killing seven more Palestinians. ….at least 41 Palestinians are dead after three’ days of the Israeli offensive …more buildings are destroyed and residents accuse the troops of flattening a small zoo

An Israeli court convicts Marwan Barghoutti of murder for ordering attacks on Israeli civilians and settlers. ..prosecutors want the potential successor to Yassir Arafat sentenced to five life terms

Iraqi police and U.S. troops raid the home and offices of Ahmed Chalabi, the
Pentagon favorite pushed as a successor to Saddam Hussein…..Chalabi, the recipient of millions of U.S .dollars, is suspected of transferring highly classified information to Iran

Tens of thousands of workers at SBC communications to walk off the job at
midnight tonight for a four day strike

University of California regents reverse themselves and approve a
fourteen percent fee increase

Hundreds rally in Sacramento to save in-home ‘support services and
Programs for the developmentally disabled

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