The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – August 16, 2013 at 10:00pm

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Not quite Receptacle-free this time, it’s all Dylan, all from the 60’s again. The songs are all different, most are boots or unreleased tracks, more from many interviews, authentic jingles from our sponsers, Coke & Pepsi, and Izzy is still on that billy-horn.

3 Hours.



al eaton, paris, skyler jettHistory of funk intro songdemo
HeatwaveBoogie NightsToo Hot To HandleEpic
HeatwaveGroove LinePhat Trax vol 5Rhino
HeatwaveAint No Half Steppin'Too Hot to HandleEpic
HeatwaveParty PoopsCentral HeatingEpic
HeatwaveEyeballin 12"Hot PropertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveTherm WarfareHot PropertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveLettin it LooseCurrentEpic
HeatwaveJitterbugginHot PropoertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveToo Hot to HandleToo Hot to HandleEpic
HeatwaveRazzle DazzleHot PropertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveSuper Soul SisterToo Hot to HandleEpic
HeatwaveLay it On MeToo Hot to HandleEpic
HeatwavePut the Word OutCentral HeatingEpic
HeatwaveGangsters of the GrooveCandlesBig Break Records
HeatwaveMind blowing Decisions 12"12" singleEpic
HeatwaveStar of a StoryCentrral HeatingEpic
HeatwaveAlways & Forever livelive on Musik Laden (German TV show)
HeatwaveHappiness, TogethernessCentral HeatingEpic
HeatwaveThe Night We FellHot PropertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveThat's The Way We'll Always Say GoodnightHot PropertyBig Break Records
HeatwaveAll You do is dialToo Hot to HandleEpic
HeatwaveSend Out For SunshineCentral HeatingEpic
HeatwaveToo Hot to Handle liveMusik Laden (German TV show)

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