The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – May 18, 2004

Iraq’s most respected Shiite religious leader calls for both U.S. troops and a
rival cleric’s militia to pull out of two Shiite holy cities where battles have threatened the Shia’s holiest shrines…. but the fighting goes on and attempts to broker a truce have apparently broken down

The pentagon says it’s cut off the funding for Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi who
it once thought would head up a new government in Iraq. .The controversial
Chalabi was raking in 340-thousand tax dollars a month… more reports of
abuse at the hands of us troops in Iraq — three employees of the Reuters
News Service say they were beaten, taunted, and humiliated

Israel’s largest military offensive in years in the Gaza Strip — at least
20 Palestinians are killed today in the Rafah refugee camp

The Communications Workers of America gives its final strike notice to the
nation’s second largest telephone company ….a strike could come at
anytime at SBC, which is one of the Bay Area’s biggest employers

In Sacramento, Senate Democrats vow to block a lucrative pay raise for State
prison guards. …their union says they will fight back in the legislature and in the court of public opinion

A proposal for the November ballot in San Francisco to allow
immigrant parents of school children to vote in school board elections

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