Act One Radio Drama

Act One Radio Drama – May 16, 2004

this episode is no longer available

The Waldorf Conference
Hollywood. 1947. 48 of the most powerful men in
America meet in secrecy in a suite at New York’s plush Waldorf-Astoria
Hotel and launch a witchhunt for communists within the movie industry.

Tonight’s story is based upon the 1950s McCarthy-inspired Blacklist era, a
time which has been chronicled many times from the point of view of those
who suffered under it, but seldom has attention been paid to the men who
invented it. This radio play captures the essence of the titans who built
the movie business, and who joined forces with a fact-finding committee
from Washington, D.C. to hunt down Reds. The House Un-American Activities
Committee indicted writers, directors and producers for refusing to answer
questions about their privte political beliefs. Hosted by Susan Stone

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