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Democracy Now! – August 1, 2013

As Edward Snowden Wins 1-Year Asylum in Russia, NSA Program Tracking Real-Time Internet Use Exposed; NSA Confirms Dragnet Phone Records Collection, But Admits It Was Key In Stopping Just 1 Terror Plot.

August 1, 2013

    Prosecution Witness: No “Specific Example” Manning Leaks Harmed Lives
    U.S. Internet Spying Program Revealed as Senate Tackles NSA Surveillance
    Snowden Leaves Moscow Airport, Formally Enters Russia
    Snowden’s Father Rejects Involvement with FBI in Snowden Return
    Egypt Protests Continue After Interim Gov’t OKs New Crackdown
    Kerry Says Pakistan, U.S. Re-Establishing “Full Partnership”
    U.N.: Attacks on Afghan Civilians Up 23 Percent
    Opposition Claims Fraud in Zimbabwe Presidential Elections
    U.N. Threatens to Disarm M23 Rebels in DRC
    Fast Food, Retail Strike Continues Nationwide
    Obama, Dems Spar over Summers Rumors at Capitol Hill Meeting


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