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LGBT Movement Wins Defeat of DOMA & Prop 8, Fueling Momentum for Next Steps in Fight for Equality; The New Black: Documentary Film Explores Divisions in African-American Community Over LGBT Rights; The People’s Filibuster: Texas Governor Revives Anti-Abortion Bill Defeated by Protesters, Lawmakers.

June 27, 2013

    Supreme Court Advances Marriage Equality with Rulings Against DOMA, Prop 8
    Immigration Judge Stops Deportation Hearing Minutes After DOMA Ruling
    California to Resume Same-Sex Marriages Following Supreme Court Decision
    Ecuador Faces U.S. Pressure on Snowden Asylum Bid
    Obama Kicks Off Africa Trip in Senegal
    South African President Cancels Trip as Mandela’s Condition Worsens
    Senate Approves Border Amendment; Immigrant Rights Advocates, Mexico Voice Protests
    Texas Executes 500th Death Row Prisoner
    Citing Supreme Court Ruling, Judge Dismisses Iraq Torture Suit Against CACI
    New York City Council Approves Landmark NYPD Oversight
    Report: 4 CIA Officers Involved in NYPD Spying
    CodePink Activists Arrested for Guantánamo Protest at White House
    Friend Recounts Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call at Zimmerman Murder Trial

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