The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – May 7, 2004

Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld testifies before the Senate and the House
Armed Services Committees about the abuse of Iraqi Prisoners by American
Troops.. Rumsfeld takes responsibility and apologizes but rebuffs demands
that he resign and he warns that the scandal will get worse –more
photos and even a video of other atrocities have been found

A General tells the House Armed Services Committee that the commander of the U.S. ground forces in Iraq placed the military police at Abu Grhaib prison
Under the control of military intelligence, an act one member of the
Committee says violated army regulations

The International Red Cross says it warned U.S. authorities about American abuse of prisoners in Iraq over a year ago, in both face to face meetings and in writing

They’re at it again in Florida — another purge of the state’s voter rolls.
Supposeedly to get rid of convicted felons – 40 thousand could be disenfranchised

A federal probe concludes there are major safety problems at the Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory – including the potential of a fire in the
Plutonium room that could burn for days

The U.S. economy adds nearly 300 thousnd jobs last month, it’s the
strongest two-month employment gain in four years

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