The Morning Show

The Morning Show – May 7, 2004

7:00 am
Jeffrey Miron, author of Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition, Prof. Of Economics at Boston University.

7:30 am
The CHP Patrols Bay View/Hunters’ Point. Malaika Parker, project director of Bay Area Police Watch; Sgt. Wayne Ziese, spokesperson for the CHP; Sophie Maxwell, SF Supervisor whose district includes Bayview,
Mesha Irizarry, reporter for the SF Bayview newspaper and co-founder of the Idriss Shelly Foundation; Sandra-Juanita Cooper, co-founder of the Foundation.

8:00 am
Reyna Cowan on film.

8:30 am
Helene Norberg-Hodge and Anurata Mittal: Agriculture and Food Security in California.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 1st hour

Artist:Chana Alberstein

Title:Empty Synagogue

Album:Samba Enredo de Todo Tempo


Time:2nd hr

Artist:Django Reinhardt

Title:Montaigne Sainte Genevieve

Album:Paris Musette

Label:Just A Memory

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