The Morning Show

The Morning Show – May 6, 2004

7:00 am
Human Rights and Torture in Iraq. Joe Stork, Washington Director for the Middle East and North Africa of Human Rights Watch; Eric Beal, Senior Council at Human Rights First.

7:30 am
David Bacon on Labor: Robin Kirk, researcher with Human Rights Watch, author More Terrible than Death: Massacres, Drugs, and America’s War.

8:00 am
Bike to Work. Philip Morton, coordinator of BTWD Berkeley., Board BFBC Cynthia Powell, Volunteer Coordinator of BFBC.

8:20 am
Stones Throw with Jennifer Stone.

8:30 am
Alexander McCall Smith, author of The Full Cupboard of Life.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 1st hour

Artist: Jane Duboc


Album:Jane Duboc

Label:Movie Play

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