Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – May 5, 2004

Last weekend was the May Day. This important day was
observed and celebrated by the working classes of many
countries in the Middle East.

Following the May Day events in Turkey, we have an
interview with Ms.Turkan from the editors of the
magazine: AntiKapitalist,(www.antikapitalist.net)
published in Turkey.

Turkey has a tradition of a militant and festive May
Day celebrations. This year, a discussion on where to
hold the demonstration, and factional differences
proved that the time for separation from the backward
and concessionist forces have come for the working
class and progressive movements. This break point is
an indicator of a political change about to happen.
Since this separation and need for re-organization is
decicive for the future of the labor forces in Turkey,
we will be investigating the matter further in our
future programs.

In our second segment we will visit a country which
has not been mentioned much in the media. Bahrain
used to be a country rich with oil processing. These
days, the conflict between the workers and the system
which is integrating more to the global, capitalist,
free market system of the world is more appearant.
When more than 1500 workers from the public and the
private sectors, half of which were women, took to the
streets with red flags and banners carrying Che
Guevara’s pictures in a Muslim country, we decided to
bring their efforts on the air. We spoke with the
reporter from Bahrain Tribune,(www.bahraintribune.com) Mr. Mazem
Mahdi, who covered the May Day news. This segment
brings light to differences between the foreign
workers and the Bahranian workers, new labor laws
which now allow independent trade unions and the
crises of the Bahranian economy.

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