The History Of Funk

The History Of Funk – June 14, 2013 at 10:00pm


Jean Shepherd, a notable radio presence in 60s N.Y. radio, tells about his youthful trials and tribulations trying to become a class A ham radio operator, accompanied by our real ham radio jammers recorded from the amateur air. In ’63, a real disc jockey actually locks himself in his studio, refuses to leave or open the door, and plays the same song over and over in an attempt to get a raise from his boss. We have influential music of the era, from the blues to Tiny Tim, and the saucers return.

3 Hours.


brute force
the deacon
funk soul and rare grooves: 1967 -1977
the gaturs
cold bear
funk soul and rare grooves: 1967 -1977
freedom express
get down
soul cal: funky disco & modern soul 1971
PI-R Square
bay area funk
betty davis
special people
they say im different
wilson pickett
engine number 9
funky soul and rare groves 1976-1977
shuggie otis
wings of love
inspiration information
charles wright & the watts 103rd st rhythm band
express yourself
express yourself
beastie boys
son of neckborn
the in sound from way out
the commodoeres
brick house
greatest hits
kool & the gang
ride the rhythm
spirit of the boogie
sly and the family stone
if you want me to stay
fence walk
fence walk
one of those funky thangs
motor booty affair
sound directions
the funky side of life
the funky side of life
james brown
gonna have a funky good time
jb on fire
curtis mayfield
move on up:the singles anthology
fela mentality
red hot & riot: the music and spirit of fela kuti
kere kay
fela on broadway
bugz in the attick
zombie pt. 1
red hot & riot: the music and spirit of fela kuti
the sahara all stars
alikali adajo
afro baby-the evolution of afro-sound
fela kuti
mr. follow follow
mr. follow follow
peter king
african dialects
nigeria 70 - lagos jup
ayalew mesfin & black lion band
the very best of ethiopiues
wasamaye rock group
diablos del ritmo 1960-1985: The columbian melting pot
wylie trass
the feeling
bay area funk
give up the funk: best of parliment
kool and the gang
summer madness
funk essentials 1997

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