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Democracy Now! – June 5, 2013

As U.S. Deploys Patriot Missiles and F-16s to Jordan, Could Syrian Conflict Engulf the Middle East? Debate: Supreme Court OKs Unfettered DNA Collection — An Invasion of Privacy or a Blow to Crime? Jim Crow After Roe? How States Are Regulating Abortion Out of Existence & Widening Health Inequality

June 5, 2013

    Turkey Protests Continue as Gov’t Apologizes for Police Response
    Pro-Assad Forces Re-Take Qusair From Syrian Rebels
    2 Afghans Killed in Protest After More Bodies Found Near U.S. Base
    Hacker Who Alerted Gov’t Testifies at Bradley Manning Trial
    Susan Rice to Be Named Obama’s National Security Adviser
    Obama Appoints 3 Judges in Challenge to GOP “Obstruction”
    After Cutting Social Programs, Christie Calls Costly Special Election for Vacant NJ Senate Seat
    Military Leaders Reject Independent Oversight of Sexual Assault
    Aurora Suspect Pleads Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity
    Connecticut Approves Labeling of GMO Foods
    Report Finds Major Racial Disparity in Pot Arrests
    Texas Police Officers Fired for Beating Woman Detained for Unpaid Fine
    Egyptian Court Convicts Foreign NGO Workers


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