The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 30, 2004

California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley bans the use of touch screen voting in 4 counties in the November elections.. Ten other counties must meet tough conditions if they are to use their machines.. Shelley also calls for a criminal investigation of the voting machine maker, Diebold, calling the company "reprehensible"

Outrage in the Arab world as Arab television broadcasts video of U.S. troops abusing Iraqi prisoners of war.. In Britain there is a probe of more prisoner abuse

U.S. Marines begin to pull out of Fallujah in favor of Iraqi troops under the command of a former general in Saddam Hussein’s Army.. South in Najaf there’s a weekend truce with the militia of militant cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr.. and on the eve of the anniversary that President Bush declared an end to major combat in Iraq, John Kerry tries to carve out his own position on the war

Care Not Cash is back.. A State appeals court revives the controversial homeless initiative .. meanwhile SF Mayor Gavin Newsome is trying to put together a 185 million dollar affordable housing bond

San Francisco liberation radio in Federal Court challenging the Federal Communications Commision and trying to get its equipment back

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