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In Civil Rights Victory, Virginia Restores Voting Rights for Hundreds of Thousands Nonviolent Felons; As FBI Seeks Capture of Assata Shakur, NAACP Head Calls for U.S. Truth & Reconciliation Commission; Oscar López Rivera: After 32 Years in Prison, Calls Grow for Release of Puerto Rican Activist; our Years After Murder of Dr. George Tiller, His Wichita Abortion Clinic Reopens Despite Threats.

May 31, 2013

    Iraq: More Than 1,200 Killed in Past 2 Months
    Major U.S. Media Outlets Boycott Secret Holder Meetings
    Syrian Opposition Group Rejects Peace Talks; Assad Agrees to Attend
    Pakistani Taliban Vows Revenge After Drone Strike Kills Deputy
    U.S. Authorities Probe More Suspicious Letters Sent to Obama
    Father of Chechen Man Shot Dead by FBI Calls for Agents to Face Trial
    Obama’s FBI Pick Scrutinized for Past Approval of Spy Program, Torture
    “Blockupy” Protesters Target European Central Bank
    Cambodian Garment Workers Continue Bid for Wage Increase at Nike Factory
    Seattle Fast Food Workers Join Growing Push for Wage Increase, Union Rights
    Court Allows Coal Company to Slash Benefits, Break Union Agreements
    Chicago Sun-Times Fires Entire Photography Staff
    CNN Shutters Last U.S. TV News Bureau in Iraq
    Report Shows Record Number of Female Breadwinners; Pundit Calls Shift “Anti-Science”


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