Discreet Music

Discreet Music – May 19, 2013 at 10:00pm

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Brian EnoDiscreet MusicDiscreet MusicAstralwerks
Philip GlassThe GridKoyaansiqatsiOrange Mountain Music
Philip GlassVesselsKoyaansiqatsiOrange Mountain Music
Philip GlassLa Saisie des MeublesLa Belle et la BeteNonesuch
Philip GlassBelle Retour Chez son PereLa Belle et la BeteNonesuch
Forrest FangThe Chameleon's PaintboxAnimismProjekt
Ludovico EinaudiLifeIn a Time LapsePonderosa Music & Art
Ludovico EinaudiOrbitsIn a Time LapsePonderosa Music & Art
Henry Wolff & Nancy HenningThe Empty MirrorTibetan Bells IIICelestial Harmonies
Nick MasonI'm a MineralistFictitious SportsSony Music
Marion BrownBismillahi 'RRahmani' RrahimVistaImpulse
Yas-KazWind a Faint CryUnetsuiO-Factory
Christopher O'RileyCuttoothHold Me To ThisWorld Village
Christopher O'RileyThere ThereHold Me To ThisWorld Village
Morton FeldmanFalse RElations and the Extended EndingThe Viola in My LifeNew World
David ByrneIn the FutureThe Knee PlaysNonesuch
Brian Eno with Rick HollandIn the FuturePanic of LookingOpal
Brian Eno with Rick HollandIf These FootstepsPanic of LookingOpal
Peter Frohmader & Richard PinhasFossil Culture 4Fossil CultureCuneiform
Sara GazarekEverything I've GotBlossom & BeePalmetto
Sara GazarekTea for TwoBlossom & BeePalmetto
Sara GazarekSo This Is LoveBlossom & BeePalmetto
Robert RichHeliosMedicine BoxSoundscape Productions
Antanas KucinskasSimple LoopLoop CatalogueNew Music Commnication Centre
Antanas KucinskasDouble Loop Twice ReversedLoop CatalogueNew Music Commnication Centre
Antanas KucinskasChant about ReconciliationChants about DeathNew Music Commnication Centre
Antanas KucinskasRitual IIChants about DeathNew Music Commnication Centre
Bronius KutaviciusFrom the Javintgian StoneOratoriosNew Music Commnication Centre
Artemiy Atermiev & Peter FrohmaderChannelingSpace IconElectroshock
Laszlo MelisApochryphaThe Apocalypse of EnochBudapest Music Center
Laszlo MelisActivities in the SkyThe Apocalypse of EnochBudapest Music Center
Laszlo MelisPagan Sacrifical Dance at the Statue of the Goddes AnahitArmenian LegendBudapest Music Center
Trio LignumFive RepeatedOffertoriumBudapest Music Center
If, BwanaRinging the BellAssemble.Age!Mutable Music
Anton BatagovPrepared Piano FactoryFrom the Beginning Up to the EndLong Arms

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