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Democracy Now! – May 17, 2013

“Astoundingly Disturbing”: Obama Administration Claims Power to Wage Endless War Across the Globe; Obama Worse Than Nixon? Pentagon Papers Attorney Decries AP Phone Probe, Julian Assange Persecution; Released From Prison, Climate Activist Tim DeChristopher on Civil Disobedience & Building Movements.

May 17, 2013

    Guantánamo Hunger Strike Enters 100th Day; 30 Prisoners Being Force-Fed
    Number of Syrian Refugees Tops 1.5 Million
    Obama: U.S. Won’t Take Unilateral Action Against Assad
    Obama Defends Secret Subpoena of Associated Press Phone Records
    DOJ Releases Completely Blacked-Out Memo on Surveillance of Text Messages
    Obama Appoints New Acting IRS Commissioner
    Audit of Witness Protection Program Finds Gaps in Tracking of Terror Suspects
    Note by Boston Bombing Suspect Cites U.S. Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan as Motive
    9 Afghan Civilians, 6 Americans Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing
    Cause of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion Still Unknown 1 Month Later
    3rd U.S. Military Official Tasked With Sexual Assault Prevention Is Accused of Abuse
    Senate Panels Advance Obama Nominees for Labor Dept., EPA With No Republican Support
    House Lawmakers Reach Tentative Deal for Immigration Reform


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