Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – April 21, 2004

We will be starting a series to investigate
nationalism, the right of nations to self
determination and the creation of nation states
through the struggle of the Kurdish people.

The Kurdish left is going through the discussions of
nationalism, nation building and the true meaning of
liberation from the left perspective. Class rule,
tribal structure or feudal relationships can not
provide the true liberation Kurdish people are
expecting from the newly forming Kurdish autonomous

Recent events unfurl as accusations of being
imperialist puppets or being traitors to the people of
the region mount on the Kurdish people. Having been
against all imperialist forces in the past, the
Kurdish left is discussing all sides of the equation.

We start this series today with an interview with Mr.
Akif Bozat, the representative of the Kurdish National
Congress (KNK) in Britain, conducted by Mehmet Bayram
of the Middle East Radio Project.

We also have an interview with Jehane Noujaim, who is
the Egyptian-American director of a new documentary
film called "The Control Room". This film, which will
be released in June, documents the way the war news is
presented by Al Jazeera, the Arab news station and the
US military command. Audio from the film where the US
Press Officer and the Al Jazeera senior producer give
their accounts of events is also presented in this
segment. Mehmet Bayram and Steve Zeltzer of the
Middle East Radio Project conducted this interview.

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