The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 20, 2004

The Pentagon admits foreign countries are not likely to commit any more troops to the so-called US-led coalition in Iraq even if the United Nations passes a new Iraqi resolution. The admission comes in a somewhat contentious hearing in the Senate and as two nations pull their forces out of Iraq.

Iraqi insurgents attack the US-run prison outside Baghdad, Iraq, with mortars killing 22 and wounding 92, two dozen seriously. The Iraq provisional governing council sets up a tribunal to try Saddam Hussein.

The United States Supreme Court hears arguments on whether the terrorist suspects being held by the U.S in Cuba can have access to the U.S. court system. A lawyer for the detainees accuses the Bush administration of creating a lawless enclave on the island.

A bill to legalize same sex marriage in California passes an assembly committee. Its sponsor predicts it will eventually become a law.

Admissions to the University of California down seven percent because of budget cuts. The decline of African-American students is even sharper.

El Salvador’s first unionized garment manufacturing plant.

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