Making Contact

Making Contact – Undocumented and Undaunted: DREAMer Artists Speak Out

The struggles of undocumented youth in the US often fly under the radar of the mainstream media. But with the tools of creative expression and the power of social media, a new generation of young immigrants is making sure their voices are heard. On this edition, young undocumented artists speak their truth, as the world listens.

Special thanks to the Left Tilt Fund and the Berwick-Degel Family Foundation.

Featuring: Homero Rosas, Deanne Palaganas, Marsh Youth Theater performers; Maija Arriaga, high school student; Gary Soto, playwright; Emily Klion, Marsh Youth Theater Director; Laura Chavez, college counselor; Julio Salgado, visual artist; Jesus Iñiguez, musican and writer; Yosimar Reyes, poet.

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