The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 15, 2004

Iraqi resistance fighters kill an Iranian diplomat in Baghdad as Iran undertakes a mission to negotiate a settlement between occupation authorities and a radical Shiite cleric in the southern city of Najaf.. U.S. officials are still trying to end the stand off in the beseiged city of Fallujah but the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warns the U.S. Marines can wait only so long.. In Washington Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld expresses surprise at the level of American casualties

Democrats and Republicans in Sacramento reach an agreement on a landmark bill to cut the costs of worker’s compensation.. Democrats are pushing separate legislation that would cap the premiums that insurance companies can charge employers

It’s tax day.. At the Oakland Federal Building 16 people are arrested protesting how the Bush Administration spends their tax dollars

A study shows individual Californians bearing more and more of the state tax burden, corporations less and less

Labor activists protest a conference in San Francisco on how to outsource

Children’s advocates rally at SF City Hall to fend off cuts in government services

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