The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 13, 2004

In the wake of the bloodiest week of U.S. combat in Iraq, President Bush holds only the third news conference of his presidency

U.S. troops are massed outside the holy city of Najaf — the current home to Shiite cleric Moqtadar Al Sadr, whom the military has threatened to capture or kill

The State Department says the mutilated bodies of four kidnapped U.S. citizens have been found in Iraq – There’s no confirmation of their identities

Attorney General John Ashcroft tells the Sept. 11 commission the Clinton Administration bears most of the blame for the attacks because it allowed the Nation’s defenses to wither for eight years

The labor dispute at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley intensifies as managers fire another pro-union employee – A city councilmember is warning he may organize a picket line

A State Assembly panel approves legislation to clean up emissions from cruise ships off the California coast

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