The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 9, 2004

Fighting in the Central Iraq city of Falluja resumes after a pause in the Marine offensive.. During a brief ceasefire, hundreds of women and children flee, but the marines won’t let men of fighting age out.. U.S.-appointed members of the Iraqi Governing Council denounce the assault – one is threateneing to quit

Thousands of Japanese take to the streets demanding the withdrawal of Japanese forces from Iraq.. Insurgents have threatened to execute 3 Japanese hostages, but Japan’s Prime Minister says he won’t pull out

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw says he’s surprised that things have gotten so bad in Iraq.. U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell insists only a minority of Iraqis are involved in the uprising

The annual Good Friday demonstration for peace at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Laboratory – some 20 arrested for civil disobedience

An interfaith service of Northern California grocery workers who will soon face tough contract talks with supermarket chains

California’s 2 Senators join the fight to stop Shell Oil from closing a refinery in Bakersfield

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