The Morning Show

The Morning Show – April 9, 2004

7:00 am
Liquified Natural Gas, and PG&E: Loretta Lynch, Calif. Public Utility Commission Member.

7:30 am
Bill Hartung, Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute author of And Weapons for All and How Much Are You Making on the War, Daddy.

8:00 am
International Roma Day, tonight 4/9, 7 PM Slavonic Cultural Center, 60 Onondaga, SF. Guest Shani Rifati, co-founder of "Voice of Roma."

8:20 am
The Art of Aging: An Evening of Performance Celebrating Elders in the Arts, 7 PM 4/18 SF Hilton, info. (510) 548-3655. Gwen Avery, Avotcha, Judith-Kate Friedman.

8:30 am
Dennis Banks co-author of Ojibwa Warrior and the Rise of the American Indian Movement.

Morning Show Segue Music:

Time: 1st hour

Artist: Paulo Bellinati

Title: Duas Contas

Album: The Guitar Works of Garoto

Label: GSP

Time: 2nd hour

Artist: Singers & Songwriters of the Jewish Home & Judith Kate Freidman

Title: I’m 100 years old

Album: Island on the Hill

Label: Jewish Home

Time: 2nd Hour

Artist: Gwen Avery

Title: Thrill is gone

Album: Pouring out the Blues

Label: Sugar Mama Music

Time: 2nd Hour

Artist: O-Maya

Title: Nothing Less than Freedom

Album: O-Maya

Label: O-Maya

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