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The Morning Mix – WorkWeek

This morning will hear from the AFM Local 6 San Francisco Symphony striking musicians who have been out on the streets since mid March. The Symphony is a world class orchestra and the musicians will discuss  the issues they face  in their struggle to  protect their conditions and the excellence of the Symphony.
Next we will hear about the struggle to protect healthcare for journalists  at the Hearst owned San Francisco Chronicle who have been without a contract for many months. CWA Media Workers face demands for more concessions and give-backs on their healthcare. They are also using social media to get their story out.
Next we will hear about the effort to protect California  workers who face psychological stress and injury on the job and the effort to protect their rights to healthcare and compensation in the California workers compensation program.
We will also look at the growing effort to reform immigration law and allow immigrant workers to get legal rights. We will look at President Obama’s plan and whether what affect that could have on immigrant workers and all workers in a period of mass unemployment. Immigrant workers will be rallying in Sacramento and the unions are launching a campaign for fair immigration reforms.
WorkWeek will also have our WorkWeek labor calendar.
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