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Democracy Now! – March 28, 2013

“Skim-Milk Marriage”: Justices Cast Doubt on DOMA in Case Brought By 83-Year-Old Lesbian Widow; Debate: Does Marriage Equality Reinforce a Conservative Institution or Support Social Change?; “Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement”: Film Portrays Lesbian Couple Behind Defense of Marriage Case.

March 28, 2013

    Report: 4 Children Killed in Night Raid by Afghan, International Forces
    Cyprus Banks Reopen with Tight Restrictions
    Supreme Court Justices Appear Skeptical of Defense of Marriage Act
    Thousands Protest School Closings in Chicago
    U.S. Flies Nuclear-Capable Bombers over South Korea
    Turkish Police Fire Tear Gas at Syrian Protesters in Refugee Camp
    Report: Official Promoted to Top CIA Post Linked to Black Sites, Destruction of Torture Tapes
    Priest Denies Role of Pope Francis in His Imprisonment During Military Junta
    50,000 Activists Gather for World Social Forum in Tunisia
    Algerian Activists Barred from Traveling to World Social Forum in Tunisia
    Outcry Grows over “Monsanto Protection Act” Weakening Regulation of GMO Crops
    Wal-Mart Sues Groups over Protests at Stores
    Arkansas Senate Overrides Veto of Voter ID Bill
    Brazil Forcibly Evicts Indigenous Group to Prepare for World Cup


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