The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays

The KPFA Evening News, Weekdays – April 6, 2004

One of the bloodiest days of fighting in Iraq since President Bush declared major combat over.. At least 13 American soldiers are killed.. A dozen of them marines in Ramadi.. Dozens of Iraqis are slain, many of them non-combatants, including women and children as occupation forces battle Sunni insurgents west of Baghdad and Shiite militants in the South.. In Washington the Bush Administration suggests more troops may be sent in

A class action lawsuit filed against the Federal Government’s no-fly list that’s keeping law-abiding Americans off commercial aircraft.. The plaintiffs range from a college student to a female member of the military to a retired minister

Another lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration.. A baggage screener at the Oakland Airport claims he was fired for union organizing activity

San Francisco State University floats the prospect of eliminating its School of Engineering to help close its 14 million dollar budget deficit

Shell Oil planning to shut down a profitable refinery in Bakersfield.. Activists are calling on the State Attorney General to intervene

Somber commemorations of the 10th anniversary of the massive genocide in Rwanda.. Between a half million to a million people were killed

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