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A People’s Revolt in Cyprus: Richard Wolff on Protests Against EU Plan to Seize Bank Savings; Capitalism in Crisis: Richard Wolff Urges End to Austerity, New Jobs Program, Democratizing Work.

March 25, 2013

    Cyprus Reaches $13B Bailout Deal with European Officials
    Report: CIA Backing Increase in Arms Flow to Syrian Rebels
    Report: CIA Feeding Intelligence to Rebels in Expansion of Syria Role
    Kerry Presses Iraq to Stop Iranian Arms Flights to Assad
    Top Syrian Opposition Leader Quits
    Israel Destroys Syrian Military Post After Fire Hits Occupied Golan Heights
    Blasts Rock Syrian Capital of Damascus
    Netanyahu Apologizes to Turkey for Deadly Raid on Gaza Flotilla
    Israeli Police Raid Palestinian Protest Camp After Obama Leaves
    U.S. to Transfer Control of Bagram Prison to Afghan Gov’t
    Rebels Seize Control of Central African Republic
    Senate Passes 1st Budget Plan in 4 Years


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