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Glenn Greenwald on Bradley Manning: Prosecutor Overreach Could Turn All Whistleblowing into Treason; New Funding Group Calls for 100 More WikiLeaks to Offset Unprecedented Gov’t Secrecy; Importing the War on Terror: Glenn Greenwald & Activist Trevor Timm on Domestic Drone Surveillance; White House Denounces Cell Phone Unlocking Ban Hours After Petition Backer Appears on Democracy Now!; Sharing the Internet: New “Commotion Wireless” Technology Lets Communities Create Free Webs of Access.

March 5, 2013

    Venezuela: Chávez Has “Severe” New Breathing Infection
    Biden, Netanyahu Threaten Military Action on Iran at AIPAC Conference
    Biden Avoids Mention of Settlement-Building as Protesters Stage “Occupy AIPAC”
    Kerry: U.S. Aid to Syrian Rebels Won’t Be Misused
    Syrian Rebels Capture Raqqa; 40 Soldiers Killed in Iraq Ambush
    Obama Confirms Picks for EPA, Energy Dept.
    White House Budget Nominee Heads Walmart Foundation
    Attorneys: Gitmo Prisoners on 3-Week Hunger Strike
    Appeals Court: Anti-Day Labor Provision of Arizona’s SB 1070 Unconstitutional
    U.S., China Agree on U.N. Rebuke of North Korean Nuke Test
    Arkansas Gov. Vetoes 12-Week Abortion Ban
    Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Brutally Killed in Mississippi
    Grassroots Newscast FSRN Issues Urgent Appeal over Threat of Closure


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