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Donors Trust: Little-Known Group Helps Wealthy Backers Fund Right-Wing Agenda in Secret; The ATM for Climate Denial: Secretive Donors Trust Funds Vast Network of Global Warming Skeptics”Brave Miss World”: Raped Before Winning ’98 Title, Linor Abargil Campaigns Against Sexual Violence.

February 19, 2013

    U.N.: ICC Should Launch Syria War Crimes Probe
    Tens of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Flee into Jordan
    Georgia Prepares to Execute Mentally Disabled Man
    Colorado House Passes Gun-Control Measures
    Chinese Military Accused of Waging Cyberattacks Against United States
    Arrest Made After Pakistani Bombing Killed 89
    Israeli Soldier Posts Photo of Palestinian Boy in Rifle Crosshairs
    BBC Journalists Stage 24-Hour Strike
    Spanish Airline Workers Launch Five-Day Strike
    Europe Issues New Sanctions Against North Korea
    Citing North Korea Nuke Test, Netanyahu Warns About Iran Threat
    Fight over Seed Patents Between Monsanto and Farmer Reaches High Court
    South African Prosecutors Accuse Pistorius of Premeditated Murder
    European Regulators to Crack Down on Google over Privacy Policy

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