Voices of the Middle East and North Africa

Voices of the Middle East and North Africa – March 24, 2004

Join Co-hosts Malihe and Khalil on this week’s program where Dr Faisal Tabaili of Middle Eastern and North African Perspectives (MENAP) will be in conversationwith Beshara Doumani, professor of history at UC Berkeley, on the political and social transformations of the Palestinian people and their struggles under the Occupation, the current socio-political situation in Palestine, and the recent assassination of Hamas Leader Sheikh Yassin.

Later in the program, Sinan Antoon,an Iraqi writer and poet, will read from his poems, and excerpts from his article "Of the Bridges and Birds", in which he sifts through the rubble of his native city, Baghdad, remembering her tumultuous and rich history… "

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