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“Larger-Than-Life” Ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch Leaves Complex Legacy of Racial Tension, Social Programs; Mumia Abu-Jamal: “The United States Is Fast Becoming One of the Biggest Open-Air Prisons on Earth”; “Long Distance Revolutionary”: Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Journey From Black Panthers To Prison Journalist; As Suicides, Brain Injuries Mount, Safety of Football Questioned, From NFL to Youth Leagues.

February 1, 2013

    Turkey: At Least 2 Dead in Suicide Attack on U.S. Embassy
    Hagel Grilled on Israel Stance During Senate Confirmation Hearing
    Hagel: Iraq War Was Worst U.S. Decision Since Vietnam
    Kerry to be Sworn In as Secretary of State
    U.N. Report: Israel Must End West Bank Settlements or Potentially Face ICC Charges
    Anti-Morsi Protesters Return to the Streets After Rival Groups Hold Rare Meeting
    Gitmo Judge Orders End to Secret Gov’t Censors at 9/11 Trial
    Mexico: 25 Dead in Blast at State-Owned Oil Company
    Mexico: Thousands Protest Bid by U.S. Firms to Plant GMO Corn
    Former Guatemalan Dictator Goes on Trial for Genocide
    Report: U.S. Sentencing Runs Contrary to International Law
    NYC: 7-Year-Old Boy Handcuffed, Interrogated for 10 Hours for Allegedly Stealing $5
    Report: FBI Agents Flew to Iceland to Investigate WikiLeaks
    Anti-Keystone XL Protester Disrupts TransCanada Speech for Several Minutes
    New York Times, Wall Street Journal Infiltrated by Chinese Hackers
    Pepsi Pulls Gatorade Ingredient After Online Campaign


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