UpFront – Mali; Flu; Richmond’s success cutting violence with community policing

France has entered a civil war in Mali — we look at the politics behind the fighting.

There are three nasty flu strains going around — and the CDC has official declared an epidemic. We’ll talk to county health about how bad it is here, and what you can do. Our guest: Dr. Erica Pan, MD, MPH, Director of the Division of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention of Alameda County’s Public Health Department.

Finally: something going right! We look at how the city of Richmond has brought down its homicide rate more than 30% in one year — and what lessons cities like Oakland might learn from it. Our guests: Pastor Henry Washington, of The Garden of Life Ministries in Richmond, CA, who manages Richmond’s Ceasefire program; Captain Mark Gagan, spokesperson for the Richmond Police Department

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